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Hello Sahabat! Are you looking to buy a new home but struggling to get approval for your home loan? Don’t worry, with, getting an instant home loan approval has never been so easy! At Finder, our mission is to help you find the best home loan that suits your needs. We understand that finding the right mortgage can be daunting, so we aim to simplify the process for you. With our comprehensive comparison tool and expert advice, you can make an informed decision on your home loan.

Instant Home Loan Approval – Are You Eligible?

One of the biggest advantages of applying for a home loan with is the instant approval process. We provide you with a free and easy-to-use home loan calculator, which helps you estimate your borrowing capacity and calculate your monthly mortgage repayments. You can apply for a home loan online and get an instant decision in minutes. This way, you can find out if you are eligible for a home loan without having to wait for days or weeks.

The Home Loan Approval Process Explained

Are you wondering how the home loan approval process works? Let’s break it down. Firstly, you need to fill out an application form, which will require you to provide your personal and financial details. This will include information such as your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Once you submit your application, the lender will review it and perform a credit check. This is to ensure that you have a good credit rating and that you can afford to make the loan repayments.

Relaxed Lending Laws Making Home Loan Approvals Easier

Good news for home buyers! According to a recent report, the Australian government has introduced new lending rules, which will make it easier to get a home loan. Under the new laws, banks and other lenders will have more flexibility in assessing a borrower’s suitability for a loan. This means that more people will be able to get approved for a home loan, especially those with lower incomes or limited credit histories. At, we welcome these changes, as they will help more Australians achieve their dream of owning a home.

Why Choose for Your Home Loan

There are many reasons why you should choose for your home loan. Firstly, we are an independent and impartial comparison site, which means we are not affiliated with any bank or lending institution. Our sole aim is to provide you with the best options for your home loan. Secondly, we offer a wide range of home loan products from leading lenders in Australia, so you can compare and choose the one that best fits your needs. Finally, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with expert advice and support throughout the home loan process.

Expert Advice on Home Loans

At, we have a team of expert mortgage brokers who are experienced in the home loan market. Our brokers can provide you with personalised advice on your home loan options, and can help you navigate the complex process of securing a home loan. They can also answer any questions you may have about the home loan approval process, and can help you understand the terms and conditions of your loan.

Find the Best Deal on Your Home Loan

One of the biggest advantages of using is our comparison tool, which allows you to compare home loans from multiple lenders. This way, you can find the best deal on your home loan and save money in the long run. Our comparison tool is easy to use and provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision, including interest rates, fees, and loan features.

Apply for Your Home Loan Now

Ready to apply for your home loan? Simply visit and fill out our online application form. Our application process is simple and straightforward, and you can get an instant decision on your home loan. We also offer a range of support services, including online chat and phone support, to help you with your application.

The Benefits of Using

By choosing to use for your home loan, you will enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Access to a comprehensive comparison tool
  • Expert advice and support throughout the home loan process
  • Instant home loan approval
  • Wide range of home loan products from leading lenders
  • Savings on interest rates and fees


In conclusion, if you’re looking to buy a new home, look no further than With our expert advice, wide range of home loan products, and easy-to-use comparison tool, we can help you find the best deal on your home loan. Apply now and get instant approval for your home loan. Thank you for reading and see you in our other interesting articles.

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